Bayern Munich – Tigres World Cup Final

Bayern Munich – Tigres World Cup Final

The 2020 World Cup final this year will be between Bayern Munich and Tigres UANL, Tigres for short. Both teams will face each other in the Qatari city of Doha on Thursday 11 February. There, both clubs will decide who can call themselves the best in the world next year. The World Cup was actually supposed to take place in December, but could not take place then. Now they will go wild. Predict the winner and score high odds in sports betting!


The World Cup for clubs will be held this year for the seventeenth time as a football tournament and is the successor to the World Cup football. This match was between the champions of Europe and South America. While at the current World Cup for clubs, all continents’ winners come into action, supplemented by the organising country’s champion. The champions of Europe and South America, traditionally the strongest continents, enter the semi-finals.

Bayern Munich defeated the champion of Africa in the semi-final, namely Al-Ahly from Egypt. The Germans won 2-0 thanks to two hits from Robert Lewandowski. For the Mexican Tigres, the World Cup adventure started one lap earlier. The Mexicans beat South Korean Ulsan Hyundai 2-1. The Brazilian Palmeiras then waited in the semi-final, which was surprisingly beaten 0-1 by a utilized penalty. That match was led by the Dutch referee Danny Makkelie.
Bayern Munich managed to win the World Cup for clubs once before; The Germans did that in 2013. Its predecessor, the FIFA World Cup, has already been defeated twice. On the other hand, Tigres has never been active before and is therefore in the 2020 Clubs World Cup final for the first time.

What will happen?

It is not surprising that Bayern is seen as a top favourite by the online bookmakers for this match. The team of trainer Hans-Dieter Flick is one of the top teams globally, so the team’s expectations are always high, everywhere. On the other hand, Tigres won the CONCACAF Champions League for the first time last season, and this game is still the great unknown. The club has already proven that Tigres can play football by being the first Mexican team ever to qualify for the World Cup clubs’ final. The team of trainer Ricardo Ferretti did this by surprisingly defeating the Brazilian Palmeiras in the semi-finals. It is therefore far from certain that Bayern has almost won the final.

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