Eredivisie is a Dutch professional football league for men’s football clubs. It is the highest level football competition in the Netherlands and is contested by 18 clubs. The Eredivisie football season typically runs from August to May.

Eredivisie football betting

When betting on the Eredivisie, there are several things to consider – for example, you first need bookmakers. We have written this article for all punters so that you can find a safe place to gamble on the Eredivisie. Previously, the prediction of matches was mainly through the Toto. Still, in recent years, players have now discovered online bookmakers that often give much better odds and bonuses.

Who are your favourites for the upcoming Eredivisie duels?

Convert your prediction now into pure profit via our best bookmakers where you can bet on Eredivisie matches at the highest odds. Playing European games during the week can significantly impact the weekend results during the league rounds.

When a Dutch club plays in the Champions League, they often have to go to extremes, which is why they regularly lay dots in the weekend after the attrition in Europe. Pay attention to this because there is undoubtedly value to bet against the favourite after a challenging European game.

Teams such as PSV and Ajax, they have quite a few younger players in the selection. These younger players are often also relatively changeable and are not used to playing many matches in succession.

Artificial turf in the Eredivisie

The Netherlands is one of the few leagues where synthetic turf is played. This is an excellent advantage for the home team. (Keep this in mind and make sure you know which teams are useful and poorly on the artificial turf. Teams often play fast football favour playing on the artificial turf because the game is generally played a bit faster. And a little less physical use.