Football betting based on football predictions

Football betting based on football predictions

To what extent should football predictions play a role in football betting? This is a question that especially many beginners in football betting ask themselves. You can always view and learn from the football predictions, but is it wise to base your choices entirely and exclusively on the football predictions? We would, of course, be happy to tell you more about this.

Is football betting based on football predictions advisable or not?

Actually, it is not advisable, mainly because it is good to take your research into account. As mentioned, it is always possible that you consider the factors in your study that are not taken into account in the football predictions. Do you come up with a different outcome than the football predictions? It is then entirely up to you whether you start from the football predictions or your own research. That also makes it a lot more fun than just betting based on the football predictions.

Studying football predictions

Football predictions don’t just happen. They can go a long way if you want to bet on a match. Provided you have little understanding of a match, and you can take a look at the overview. The football predictions are compiled by visitors and are therefore well substantiated. If you do not want to do your research into, for example, the teams, the players, the field and all other essential factors, then you can assume that the average visitors who made the football predictions have carried out this research. So it is always good to take a look at the predictions for betting on football. And we mean this regardless of whether you have done the research yourself or not.

In addition to your own research

There are many people who are involved in football betting who especially enjoy conducting research. It is of course also great fun to study all the details and to puzzle them together in order to make a football prediction yourself. In this case, you can use the football predictions as a supplement to your own research and for example compare them with several different online bookmakers. If you end up with the same result as the football prediction, then you’re in the right place. If the prediction is different, you can investigate why your outcome differs from the football predictions. You may have overlooked something, but it is of course also possible that you take into account something that the football predictions do not take into account. This is exactly the nice thing about the research, and to see who was right afterwards.

Yellow and Red cards not to predict

It is tough, if not impossible, to predict cards correctly. Some statistics can give you a little insight into the chances of yellow and red cards in a match. When we compare the differences between away teams and home teams, we see, for example, that in more than 70 per cent of all games, the most yellow cards went to the away teams. It means that in less than 25 per cent of the cases, the most yellow cards were handed out to the home teams. In almost 6.5 per cent of the cases, the home teams received a red card, while this percentage for the away teams is nearly 12 per cent. It means that the away teams get a red card 84 per cent more often. No red cards are given at all in 80 per cent of all matches. Anyway, in the end, it is simply not always easy to predict.

They remain football predictions

If you have just started with football betting and have yet to discover how you can do good research yourself, how it all works and which method you personally want to use, it is of course very practical to just stick to the football predictions. This is not a guarantee of profit. After all, they are football predictions and not football truths or facts. This is important to always remember. Predictions can be made by the best professionals in the world, but in the end they are always “just” predictions. There are no guarantees. A prediction can be totally wrong just because the ball is round.

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