Throwback match: France meets the surprise of EURO 2016: Iceland

Throwback match: France meets the surprise of EURO 2016: Iceland

The last quarterfinal of the EURO2016 will be played on Sunday. France will then meet the sensation of this tournament: Iceland. The French have the best papers to advance to the semi-finals, but Iceland has already sent home more favourites; including England. The bookmakers stand their ground and go for the profit of the French. Profit of the Icelanders is not excluded and also a very high quotation.

Aron Gunnarsson: “We are certainly not without a chance against France.”

The qualities of the Icelanders have divided this European Championship underestimated. Portugal could not win, and England was even sent home by this now “infamous” team. The Icelanders thoroughly enjoy the presence at this European Championship in which they have never been able to make it this far. All the more, the Icelander is motivated against the French team. “We didn’t come to France with the Olympic ideal,” says Aron Gunnarsson. “We are here to win as many games as possible. Our goal was to get to the last sixteen, but also in the quarterfinals against France are certainly not without a chance”, says the Icelandic captain who is already looking ahead to the possible opponent in the semi-final. “We are not only looking at France but also at Germany and Italy because we can face those countries in a possible semi-final. We’re not going to celebrate until we’re done here, and that could take longer than many people think.”

Lägerbäck: “People expect a lot from the French.”

Icelandic national coaches Lars Lagerbäck and Heimir Hallgrimsson prepare for the game without any French team pressure. “All the pressure is on them. They have to win, and nothing is necessary for us”, it said at a press conference. “A lot is expected from the French. Not winning against Iceland would be a huge blot on their coat of arms,” says Lägerbäck. “Let it be exactly that pressure, which the English have perished.”

Griezmann: “We keep getting into the game with difficulty.”

The French have been a favourite for the EURO2016 final from the start. In the first four games, the French team of national coach Didier Deschamps has not yet put much pressure in the field game. According to Antoine Griezmann, something has to change to win the next match against Iceland. “We are getting into the game more and more difficult, so that has to be better,” said the French Atletico Madrid player.

Griezmann is probably used as the deepest midfielder due to the suspension of N’Golo Kanté. With this, the Frenchman can continue his hunt for the top scorer title. “That is not my goal. My focus is on improving myself from match to match.”

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