Together with the German Bundesliga and the Spanish Primera DivisiĆ³n, the Premier League is seen as one of the best football leagues in Europe. Every year, clubs from England compete against each other in this football competition. After 38 matches at the latest, it is known who can call themselves the country’s best club. This competition is mainly known for top clubs such as Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Arsenal. Clubs do not have to play play-offs against promotion or relegation. This means that no extra games will be scheduled after the competition. Given the busy English program, this is virtually impossible to plan.

The Enlgish Premier League stands for top-class football

Because the Premier League consists of several superpowers in football, it often remains exciting in this competition until the last day. It is not without reason that football fans worldwide enjoy the games from the Premier League. Every week the matches provide:

  • A lot of tension.
  • Remarkable football results.
  • Beautiful goals and football of an unprecedented high level.

The game is faster and more physical than, for example, in the Netherlands and therefore attractive to watch.

Although the league is mainly dominated by several top clubs, there are also smaller clubs that compete for the first place. This makes watching the Premier League all the more fun! Think, for example, of clubs like Everton, Tottenham Hotspur, Southampton and West Ham United. They try to make it difficult for the top clubs in the Premier League every year. Leicester City became, if not a favourite, champion in 2015/2016 against everyone’s expectations.

Premier League: Boxing Day

Boxing Day is one of the most popular rounds of football play in the Premier League. The Boxing Day round will be completed on December 26. It has become a tradition for many people to go to their favourite club to attend a match. Playing football at Christmas is and will remain memorable for English residents.

The fight against relegation in Premier League football

The Premier League has many changes in terms of teams. The clubs that finish in the bottom three places after 38 rounds of play are relegated directly from the Premier League to the Championship competition. Three teams from the Championship will take the exact opposite route.

The Championship champion and number two have been promoted directly to the Premier League. After the regular competition, the numbers three to six-determine will take the last place in the Premier League through playoff matches. There is a lot of excitement in these playoff games, as it is very lucrative to play in the Premier League. Think of television money, prize money and sponsorship deals.