Euro 2016 Tickets

Euro 2016 Tickets

Do you want to buy Euro 2016 tickets? Reliable addresses for purchasing European Football Championship 2020 tickets include Viagogo and UEFA. In most cases, you first have to register or become a member to get Euro 2016 tickets. Below the procedures with the most common providers.

European Football Championship 2020 tickets via UEFA

The European Football Association has a large number of European Football Championship 2020 tickets available. If you want to buy your EC tickets through UEFA, you must create an account in advance and then you can purchase your EC tickets in different rounds.

If you want to be the first, make sure you have created an account before June 9, 2015. You can then subscribe to some of the 1 million tickets that are made available.

After July 10, the cards will be awarded through a random selection process. UEFA does not apply “first come, first served”, but tickets for the European Football Championship are raffled.
After the draw in December 2015 for the final round of the 2016 European Football Championship, a second sales round will follow. Then the European Championship tickets for national teams that have qualified are sold. The supporters have a month to register for the tickets and
Follow My Team tickets are also sold during this period.

Receiving tickets

In March and April 2016, UEFA will offer you the opportunity, if you are no longer able to attend the match yourself, to sell your tickets safely to other fans. The so-called Ticket Resale Portal has been open for about two months. All European Football Championship 2016 tickets purchased through UEFA will be delivered to your home in the spring of 2016 by a special courier.

Overview of ticket prices Euro 2016

Category 1 Category 2 Category 3 Category 4
Opening game 595 Euro 395 Euro 195 Euro 75 Euro
Preliminary round 145 Euro 105 Euro 55 Euro 25 Euro
Round of 16 145 Euro 105 Euro 55 Euro 25 Euro
Quarter finals 195 Euro 135 Euro 85 Euro 45 Euro
Semifinals 495 Euro 295 Euro 165 Euro 65 Euro
Final 895 Euro 595 Euro 295 Euro 85 Euro