World Cup Qualification Turkey – Netherlands

World Cup Qualification Turkey – Netherlands

The Dutch national team will open the World Cup qualifying campaign on Wednesday with an away match against Turkey. With that, the Orange immediately plays the perhaps most challenging game in the group. Predict the World Cup Qualification: Turkey – the Netherlands through Football Betting and score the winning prediction via our bookmaker page! How much profit bonus do you get with your football knowledge?

Statistics for the World Cup Qualification Turkey – Netherlands

Both countries are classified in Group G. In addition to Turkey and the Netherlands, it also includes Norway, Latvia, Montenegro and Gibraltar. Turkey and the Netherlands have met five times in the past ten years. The Netherlands won three times, it was even once, and the Turks won once.

That Turkish victory took place during the last match between the two football countries. During the European Championship qualifying series in 2015, the Orange was utterly outplayed by the home team: 3-0. Interesting detail: that game was played in the same stadium as next Wednesday’s game.

If we look at the shape of both countries, the balance is not very favourable for both. But the Netherlands has a slightly better balance with two wins and three draws. Turkey won with one game, also drew three times and lost to Hungary (2-0) in the last international match for this World Cup qualifying match against the Netherlands.

Odds at the bookmakers for Turkey against the Netherlands

For the bookmakers, these statistics are sufficient reason to see Orange as a favourite. A victory of the men of national coach Frank de Boer is worth 1.72 times your stake in the pre-match phase.

The odds for a tie are much higher. If Turkey and the Netherlands keep each other in balance, then in the 1 × 2 game system, an average of 3.65 times the invested playing amount is paid out.

That is really not the highest profit bonus in this World Cup qualifying match. This will be paid out if the home team wins from Orange, just like six years ago. Turkey’s average pre-odd to profit averages of 4.45 by bookmakers!

Betting picks for the WC Qualification match.

In the Dutch national team’s matches, the game type “correct score” is chosen more often than in competitive matches. In this WC Qualification Turkey – Netherlands, the odds in the game type are beautiful, especially if you select the correct score combination from several bookies.

A 1-0,2-0 or 3-0 victory of our heroes will give you a bonus of 3.22! Your stake is even worth x21.50 times as much if you place a winning prediction on a 4-0, 5-0 or 6-0 victory of the Dutch national team.

Do you think that not the Netherlands, but Turkey will be the winner? A 1-0, 2-0 or 3-0 victory for the Turkish country formation is worth x8.50 times your stake. A payout of more then 250.00 times the entered bet amount is made if the Turks win 4-0, 5-0 or 6-0 against Orange.

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